Of St. Marys Ohio History Attractions, Lock 8N is the most southern structure requiring a 3/4 mile walk south from Quellhorst Road (Twp Rd. 116).



Lock 8N only has a small creek running through it as it is located prior to the Canal supply of water from Grand Lake St. Marys. Lake Loramie and Indian lake the man made lakes originally designed to feed the uppermost tier of the canal.    The structure on the left side diverted the excess flow of water around the lock itself. 

The original brick portion of the residence to the east is the gate keeper's house who operated the lock. (The residential property is posted no trespassing.)


While walking the grass trail on the west side of the Miami and Erie canal, 3/4 mile north of Quellhorst Road is a junction where a feeder canal extends westward 2 1/4 miles.  This feeder canal supplied the canal with water between here and Defiance Ohio.


East of this canal junction is an 1860's home on the east side of Aqueduct Road.  It and many of the downtown buildings were constructed at a time the canal brought prosperity to the area.


If one would leave the trail along the north side of the feeder canal a couple hundred feet west of this canal junction, the feeder canal aqueducts come into view as the feeder canal extends over the creek. 

The three aqueducts picture on the left are the original ones made of hand laid stone, however two additional concrete aqueducts were later added to alleviate flooding problems.


At the west end of the feeder canal is the stone lock which allowed canal boats to access Grand Lake St. Marys.  This Lock was constructed slightly larger than the standard canal lock.  At one time, Grand Lake St. Marys was the world's largest man made lake.  See grandlake.ohiotrail.com for further history and area trails.


A 1/2 mile north of the Miami and Erie / feeder canal junction is a steel pipe line aqueduct which was constructed to continue to supply water to the canal after the original aqueduct over the St. Marys River collapsed. 

This aqueduct made it possible to sell surface water area to industry.  This water contains few minerals in comparison to well water.  Dams were constructed on the canal within Delphos and Spencerville for purpose supplying this water for sale.   At the end of 2007, the last lease to obtain water flowing through the pipes of this aqueduct ended. 


The plot map on the right is of the area of E. Greenville and Beech St / Aqueduct Road. 

In addition to the Aqueduct, over the St. Marys River, it also denotes a dry dock where the maintenance and repair of canal boats would have taken place.


The steel pipe aqueduct is at the south end of the improved trail located at Aqueduct Rd. (Beech Street extending northward) and East Greenville Road.  Geiger Municipal Park a large parking lot at the north west corner of this intersection.

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